Professional Experience

Up All Night Worldwide                                                      

Customer Experience Specialist                                                                                             

San Francisco, CA    Sep 2016 –  Present

Working crossed team to ensure quality user experience from end to end. 

  • Maintaining and fostering relationship with partners, venues and customers. 

  • Assisting in designing a new customer experience flow from understanding the customer journey and learning what customers are looking for.

  • Setting up proper metric tracking system decreasing first response time from 60 hours to within 12 hours.

  • Handling inbound customer inquires about events, ticketing, and general concierge service.

  • Creating a series of response templates for customer service inquiries.

Skyroam Inc.                                                      

Customer Success Manager                                                                                             

San Francisco, CA    May 2015 –  June 2016

Served as a cross-functional customer success manager, spending the bulk of my time providing support to Skyroam’s global enterprise and individual customers. In addition to this, spent time planning pre- and post- sales strategies and assisting the VP of Operations.  

  • Managed 20 international, enterprise accounts (LinkedIn, Uber, Lufthansa, Sky TV UK), maintained zero customer churn rate,, and successfully helped broker new deals, resulting in new contracts worth double their original amounts.

  • Managed inbound sales pipeline: closed five new enterprise account deals

  • Established support channel to gather customer feedback from email campaigns.  Analyzed feedback for trends to provide to upper management, resulting in cross functional initiatives to improve end user experience.

  • Product subject matter expert: trained ten new hires on product features, functionality, and market competitor.

  • Trained and managed three direct reports: one customer operations lead who would handle day to day operations and two customer service representatives who handled first tier customer support tickets, emails and phone..

  • Provided requirements for new distribution system, inventory management, and logistics.

  • Drafted and planned monthly forecast to place product orders with supply chain team in China


Lumos Labs (Lumosity)                                                                        

Customer Service Representative (contract)             

San Francisco, CA    Dec 2014 – Feb 2015

Handled incoming email requests from customer to ensures that issues were resolved promptly and accurately. Provided consistent, quality service and support in a variety of areas including but not limited to billing, user account support, and technical troubleshooting.

  • Performed functional and feature testing across various desktop and mobile platforms: Triaged issues, reproduced bugs, and wrote defect reports that were escalated to the engineering team.

  • Averaged 96% customer satisfaction score based on customer feedback, exceeding company average of 85%.

  • Developed new and updated existing autoresponders, resulting in a shorter communication time to each customer-education related support tickets.

  • During high volume due to holidays, regularly responded to over 500 tier 1 support tickets weekly.  


Tang Frères Productions Co., Ltd.                                                                    

Public Relations Coordinator / Event Marketing Coordinator                               

Taipei, Taiwan    May 2011 – Mar 2013

Reported directly to managing director for an entertainment productions company that co-produced and sponsored foreign artists on tour in Taiwan.  Assisted and executed public relations and event marketing strategies for key clients’ concert tours in Taiwan including Justin Bieber, Linkin Park, Guns and Roses, The Ting Tings, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Radiohead, The Cranberries and more. Involved at all levels of production, from planning to execution at event.

  • Gathered onsite customer feedback and attendee satisfaction via surveys and in person interview to help produce better consumer experience for the future events

  • Incorporated feedback with business development team to help decide what future talent, and venue to book

  • Managed social media feeds to promote company announcements and collect customer feedback

  • Planned and executed large-scale concert events, ranging from 1,000 to 15,000 attendees


Vogue Magazine                                          

Advertising Intern                                                    

Taipei, Taiwan    Jan 2010 – Feb 2010

Advertising department was in charged of clients’ products exposure on Vogue magazine also advertising photoshoots. Assisted Account executives with day to day errands and brand research. Translated presentations between English and Mandarin.

  • Translated advertising documents and marketing proposals for the launch of Fashion’s Night Out event

  • Analyzed brand exposure and advertising campaign on Fall/Winter issues

  • Researched Eastern Asian and Western celebrities fashion trends for online columns

  • Provided on set assistance for photo shoots including: setup, talent management and breakdown

Personal Label

Yacht Rock!                                                                                               

Entertainment Label                                                                          

Kaohsiung    Aug 2013 – Sep 2015

Partnered with local yacht company to promote a series of events on their yacht “Butterfly Princess”. Our goal: to provide an unique, western-inspired  lifestyle experience to locals.  Served  as the point of contact between my English-speaking co-founders, and local business partners to avoid language barriers. After a hugely successful first event, was able to secure a one-year contract with the owners of the “Butterfly Princess”


Languages: English (fluent), Mandarin (fluent), Taiwanese (fluent)

Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat, Peach

Languages: HTML/CSS (Basic)

Software:  MS Office, Zendesk, QuickBooks, Freshdesk, Wordpress