Setting Goals instead of Resolutions.

I survived another year! I personally find cold turkey style resolutions very unmotivated and it's often given up by the end of February. You wake up on January 1st feeling like death from drinking way to much the night before and tell yourself that you're going to stop drinking cause it's a new year. It never works, we all know that. Quitting something without a well thought out plan has proven to fail very easily. Hence, instead of having resolutions I decided to set metric goals this year. 

The goal list started as a joke when a couple of my close friends made comments about how they're taking me camping. (People who know me well know that I have low to no desire in camping at all.) I came up with my first goal - go camping once in 2017, and start from there. I want to step out of my bubble and try new things. My plan for the list is to not only set it at the beginning of the year but set and achieve them through out 2017. 

2016 was a great year overall. I want to set goals in 2017 that is achievable and execute them with baby steps, hopefully by the end of the year I'll have a list of accomplishments. I am very excited! 

Here's the first part of the list to kick off the new year!  

1. Go camping once to challenge myself to be outside of my comfort zone

2. Find a new job: send 1-2 applications daily

3. Learn how to properly brand myself on social media by boosting my Instagram to 1K organic followers with at least 10% interaction rate. (Adding new skill set into my resume)   

4. Exercise 2x/week