Project I: The Galaxy of Gratitude

Have you ever had a day where you woke up in the morning and you just knew that this is not going to be your day? You're feeling crappy and nothing you're working hard for seems to be working out? Well I have, and it has been happening slightly more frequently than I'd like to. I knew that I'm having the feeling of frustration, and the scariest part of this is that if you don't drag yourself out of it, you're only going to get deeper into the blackhole where the frustration becomes depression. 

I woke up one morning feeling terribly and I thought what can I do to make myself feel better. I looked around my room and spotted the watercolor set I got back from my parents' house that no one has touched once since 2007. Yup, 10 years ago, when my dream was to become an artist one day. I hopped off my bed, started to Youtube videos of watercoloring, and set up my small corner of studio on my floor. Watercoloring isn't anywhere close as riding a bike, you can't pick it right back up after leaving it behind 10 years ago. 

From following Youtube videos I discovered that watercoloring galaxy really helped me hone my watercoloring skill: I got to feel how the brushes, the water and the paint flow on the paper and I was able to really learn how control my watercolor within a circled area. I posted some pictures with my first few galaxies to my friends, they loved it and asked me to make them one. The idea inspired me with The Galaxy of Gratitude project. 

I started to let my friends sign up for receiving a piece of the galaxy I drew, in the back of the galaxy art they'll receive a note of appreciation from me. Everyone needs to be reminded how awesome they are from time to time, I often like to remind my friends how much I appreciate having them in my life. In hoping to enlighten someone's day with a piece of my art, I kindly ask my friends to drop a hand written note to another friend, and let their friend know how much they appreciate him/her. 

Our world needs more love and less hate, let's roll the project out and hopefully I am able to make someone's day better. 

To see pictures and learn more about the project you can visit The Galaxy of Gratitude


Ps. If anyone's interested in working on the project too, let me know!